Wednesday • September 7th, 2022

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Gentle Reminder:

Sometimes we forget to give ourselves permission to do the simplest things: rest, heal, ask for help, laugh. Make an effort to do more of them.

Hey Friend,

I just got back from a mother daughter trip to Mallorca, Spain and it felt gooood (though I'm currently in the post vacation blues phase).

While I was there, I finished The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and even though this book is far from new and I got the mindset part around switching off from work and creating more time-freedom for myself down, it opened my eyes to so many more things that really got me thinking.

Here's one of my favorite parts from the book:

"Income is renewable, but some other resources, like attention,  are not.

For example: Is your weekend really free if you find a crisis in the inbox Saturday morning that you can't address until Monday morning?

Even if the inbox scan lasts 30 seconds, the preoccupation and forward projection for the subsequent 48 hours effectively deletes that experience from your life. You had time but you didn't have attention, so the time had no practical value."

Wowza. A powerful reminder to stay present for the things you're doing outside of work so your "free" time doesn't get eaten up by just "quickly" checking for one email.

In other news: I'm moving in early November! Not sure yet where, but I'm most likely going to leave London after 3.5 years, so that's scary and exciting at the same time because I'm such a home body and will have a hard time parting with my apartment. Though I am very giddy about the decluttering part and I may or may not have already started (tbh, it's an ongoing project because it just gives me so much satisfaction and peace).

Let's get into into this month's email!

This Week's Reads & Recommendations:

☝️ Spending time alone isn't always easy, but crucial in the healing process and to learn to love yourself so you don't seek approval and acceptance in others. Here's 30 solo date ideas.

🎄 Romanticizing your life can be a really fun way to practice presence and intentionality to break out of your daily routine and make even the most mundane tasks fun (or put up Christmas lights in September just because). Read this article by the New York Times I was featured in along with some other creators sharing out tips and takes on how to successfully romanticize your daily life.

🛁 Self-care is usually the first thing to go on your to-do list when things are busy (spoiler alert: that's when you need it the most), so here's 15 quick tips you can try when you're short on time.

🧡 I used to feel shame around letting out my silly and goofy side, but truth is: it makes me happy and feel carefree. Here's 22 fun ways you can release your inner child for more joy.

Things We're Loving:

The 4-Hour Work-Week

Such good concepts in this book! Even if you feel like you have it figured out, there's more to learn and I know I'll keep referring back to the many pages I saved later!

Ps: If this topic is interesting to you, you might want to keep an eye out for my upcoming group coaching program or get your hands on my new, free Time-Savings Calculator that'll help you figure out how much time you could be saving every day!

Manual Food Chopper

This may be a random suggestion but I'm all about saving time and making life easier for myself. I'm not a big fan of cooking as is and chopping always takes me forever, so this little chopper made a huge difference!

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Try This:

🙌 Affirmation: I am at peace with where I am now.

🧡 Mindfulness Challenge: Take a walk without headphones and take a mental note of what you can hear (birds, cars), feel (wind, humidity), see (trees, dogs), smell (lavender bush, flowers, hot dog stand wafting over to you) and touch (touch a tree and note how it feels). 

📖 Productivity Tip: Set up your phone for more productivity today. Delete unused apps, change your background to an inspirational image, change folder names into affirmations and only keep your most used apps on your homescreen.

What's new in the biz?

🧮 I JUST launched my FREE Time-Savings Calculator! It'll help you uncover how much time and money you could be saving every day so you can spend more time living and never feel like your business is running you again. Get yours here.

🎤 I'm going to be a speaker at Create & Cultivate's Wellness Means Business event on October 1st in LA talking about utilizing rest! Getting involved with Create & Cultivate has been a HUGE career goal, so it still doesn't really feel real, I'm so excited! You can get a ticket here if you want to hang!

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