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Friday β€’ August 12th, 2022

A newsletter to inspire you to redefine success and put an end to toxic hustle culture

Gentle Reminder:

Don’t measure your success using someone else’s ruler.

It's here, Friend!!

I'm so excited to finally share my brandnew newsletter "On Your Terms" with you!

I've got some big visions for "On Your Terms" (think female health productivity planners, cozy merch and retreats), but for now this email will be a little dose of inspiration and wellbeing to slowly move you from "busy" to "present". 🤗

To not miss out on any of the goodness, make sure you save this email address so it doesn't get lost in your spam or promotions folder.

Psst: Not sure how to best organize your email? This is a great read to help you create a more organized inbox in just 15 minutes. (See? Told you you'd get a lot of value from this newsletter!)

But let's back up for a second. Why "On Your Terms"?

So many of us build a business to hit certain milestones, to chase a lifestyle and success metrics not actually important to US.

We're running through life on autopilot, ticking everyone's boxes but ours.

So I want to encourage and remind you to detach from societal expectations and reconnect to what it is YOU want to do (both in your personal life and business).

Maybe it's building a business not because you have a burning passion for it, but because it allows you time for hobbies you otherwise wouldn't have time for.

Maybe it's the flexibility to move to different beach towns every 3 months.

Or maybe you just want to quiet the noise, slow down and learn to just BE instead of always do.

So join me in doing life, work, family, hobbies (you get the idea) ON YOUR TERMS.

Plus, if you love this newsletter (and we hope you do), you can share it with your friends and other multi-passionate, burned out entrepreneurs to win some cool prizes (like all of my self-care worksheets and habit trackers that are usually part of my paid programs).

The more people you refer, the better the rewards.

Simply forward this email to a friend with an invitation to subscribe here: and let us know who you referred so we can keep track of your rewards (see what exactly you can win at the bottom of this email).

Ps: To celebrate the launch of this newsletter, here’s my self-care worksheets and habit trackers for free!

Plus, you get $7 off Motive Deckβ„’ (affirmation cards for entrepreneurs) with the code LEMONS (How cute are they?! They make such a great client gift or addition to your desk decor!)

Let's get into the good stuff! (I promise this intro won't always be this long, but there was a lot to cover and celebrate today!)

This Week's Reads & Recommendations:

☝️ Hands up if you've ever worried your clients might kick you to the curb if you don't respond immediatly (even if it's past your bedtime). Here's how you can set better boundaries with them and protect your energy in the process.

🤰 Running a business and managing all the added responsibilities as a mom needs proper planning. This is a great read on how to take materniry leave as an entrepreneur.

🍑 Feeling giggly or like there's no one to talk to every time someone mentions "masturbation"? Let's break the stigma around female self-pleasure (and find your fave new toys).

🧡 Making adult friendships is hard, let alone once one of you enters into a serious relationship, gets married or has kids. This is a great read on sustaining friendships with your coupled up friends as the single one.

Things We're Loving:

Natural deodorant that *actually* works.

I was a die hard fan of Primally Pure but then London's heatwave made it give up on me. This one from Wild is AH-MAZING. Native also comes highly recommended (though I haven't tried it.)

Foundation like butter.

I was prepared to be a CC cream gal to the day I die - but then I found Charlotte Tilbury's Beautiful Skin Foundation. And let me tell you: it gives the most beautiful and even medium-coverage finish. It leaves your skin glowy and is buildable, though for my preference 1.5 pumps is perfect. My shade is 4 neutral.

Checking your phone first thing? Get a traditional alarm clock.

Being on your phone first thing in the AM is not great for your mental health and focus. Leave your phone in a different room and get yourself a traditional alarm clock instead.

Got a recommendation?

Came across a good read, product or brand you're obsessed with?

We want to make sure we’re passing along the best of the best in the community!

Share it with us here.

Try This:

🙌 Affirmation: I'm grateful for whatever is happening as I trust the process.

🧡 Mindfulness Challenge: Think of everything you do as progress. Sent someone a meme? You progressed your relationship. Drew a doodle? You progressed your art skill. Took a bath? You progressed your mental health. Life is a bank and any time you do anything that brings you joy, you are earning.

📖 Productivity Tip: Figure out your top tasks that account for about 80% of your revenue. Do more of those tasks and eliminate the rest. 

What's new in the biz?

📹 I launched a YouTube channel! Come and give me a follow if video content is your jam.

🌴 I'm moving + and taking Made With Lemons/On Your Term in a new directions (more on that here)

👭 I'm launching a group coaching program to help you reconnect to yourself, make more time and focus on a slow life rather than constantly chasing the next milestones! Join the waitlist and get more info here.

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15 referrals: "How to save 2 hours every day and set better boundaries with your clients""Break up with your phone" e-book & "28-Day Romanticize Your Life Self-Guided Challenge"

20 referrals: Time-Freedom Blueprint mini-course

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